What have you learnt from your biggest mistake?

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I may not have had a lot of time (or mind space) to write in recent months but I’ve definitely had to do a lot of soul searching and reflecting, so when I saw this …

…. a blog post wrote itself (and then I had to rewrite it a million times ūüėČ

Sometimes we choose the wrong path because we allow our deepest fears to guide us. When it all goes wrong we call it a mistake.

Some personal events this year have been horrendous…but sadly not unexpected. The cast may have switched roles, but the plot and lead remains the same.

The foreseeability of it all made me question myself. When an outcome is so predictable is it a mistake or a choice?

Sometimes we choose the wrong path because our ego whispers in our ear. When it all goes wrong we call it a mistake…but really we made a choice.

And the lesson?

That I can choose my own path and that decisions based on fear or ego will never lead to happiness

What is the best lesson your mistakes have taught you?

BH xx

Inspirational Blog Award

Feeling inspired?

Feeling inspired?

As a new blogger I am often overwhelmed by the support and kindness that I have received from the blogging community. ¬†I have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger award by the beautiful and talented Maria; please¬†take the time to visit her fantastic blog¬†¬†http://mariabrinkley.com/¬†and¬†explore Australia from the comfort of her backyard to yours ūüėČ ¬†¬†¬†I love these awards because they give me the opportunity to discover¬†new blogs and corners of cyberspace previously unexplored. ¬†¬†¬†

Here are my 10 blogs that I nominate:












BH xx


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Zero to Hero


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I started my blog this year, as I have always dreamt about writing, or as people who know me may eloquently put it “She always has a lot to say..” ¬†In my early twenties I was the website editor for a major record company and so got to experience the joy of writing, interviewing and reviewing. ¬†Although a fun experience, the reality was that the publication’s ultimate goal was to promote and market the corporation’s artists and¬†interests,¬†so in many ways my writing lost its voice whilst my marketing skills flourished. ¬†

Fast forward ten something years and we are in the age of hashtags, tweets and selfies, EVERYONE has a voice (and maybe we are now all products of self promotion?). ¬†To me, the beauty of blogging is the freedom to express your view and opinions and share and find out opinions, experiences and perspectives of others. ¬† I love it… Just this morning, I had tea in Turkey and looked at foliage in Devon. ¬†I guess, welcome to the age of voyeurism… ¬†Feel free to take a peek into the delights and tribulations of a thirty something living in Brixton, London xx