Welcome to my home!


Here you’ll find my posts pretty much about everything to do with being a 30 something mother living in London.

It’s been such a journey since starting this blog a couple of years ago. ย From getting married, becoming a mother, getting my first thousand followers, performing in front of millions, moving home, changing jobs, starting new businesses to getting divorced, becoming a single mother and publishing my first book.

Thank you visiting my page and to everyone who has supported me on my journey – it really means a lot!

Speech over, now it’s time to take a tour so pour a glass, make yourself comfortable and feel free to nose around.

the brixton housewife


Living Room

Posts relating to daily life, decorating or DIY ๐Ÿ™‚


All things things food related


Relationships, Beauty and Fashion posts


Motherhood, Pregnancy and Childhood posts


Gardening tidbits

Life Beyond The Kitchen Sink

Social commentary (rants and opinions)

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To contact me please send a message on:


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This is a personal blog based on my personal experiences and point of view. As my website has evolved I have been increasingly approached by companies and PR agencies to feature or review products or services. I must stress that if and when I do accept the samples, my acceptance bears no influence to the outcome of the reviews.

At times I may link my to other blogs and websites operated or written by third parties. I hope you enjoy these links as much as I do, however I am not responsible for the content of third party links.


PR and Advertising

If you would like to advertise a product or service on this site, please send a message to me on my Facebook page. I am happy to place ads and accept guest posts, sponsored advertorials and other forms of compensation for companies that offer relevant products and services to my site. ย Any form of sponsored review will always be clearly indicated


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