Liebster Award


Thank you so much to  for nominating me for this award.  As always you have brought a little bit of sunshine into my day just like your blog!


The Liebster award is aimed at bringing the blogging community together.  It is awarded to blogs that have supported new and aspiring bloggers with the hopes of gaining further insights into the blogging community.  As this award aims to support and promote blog pages the rules are as follows:

  1. The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them.
  2. Provide 11 personal facts .
  3. Answer the  11 nominator questions. 
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers that have inspired you and ask them 11 nominator questions.

11 facts about myself:

1. I have lived in three different continents (an impressive way of saying I have lived in three different countries which happen to be quite far apart from each other.)
2. That said, I still only speak one language fluently.
3. I am an equal opportunity food lover, I do not discriminate, Michelin to Nandos, all good!
4. When I was a little girl I wanted to be called Bodicea, apparently blue face paint was all the rage in the 80s.
5.Random acts of fancy dress are quite normal for me at work.  (Fortunately, I work in a primary school and children love that kinda thing.)
6. I performed in the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.
7. I think cycling rocks
8..My mother rocks.
9…Geology rocks.
10. I still dance in the mirror with a hairbrush.  I am Sasha Fierce ….or at least Shez Mildly Scary.
11. If I had one wish it would be for World Peace… or a unicorn.

My Answers for

1. Are you happy?  Sometimes
2. Who/what inspires you?  My mother and…. please see my latest blog 🙂
3. If you had enough money and didn’t have to work, what would you like to do?  Writer/ Dancer/ Inventor
4. Love or money?  Chocolate
5. What do you look for in a friend?  An alibi
6. Big city or countryside?  City
7. What is your favorite quote?  Two wheels good Four Wheel Bad (Slightly adapted I love the original too!)
8. What are you most proud of?  My past students and anything I do that makes my mother smile.
9. What is your favorite book?  Argh, too many to mention all…  1984, Native Son, TKAMB, The Grapes of Wrath, autobiography of Josephine Baker, Fantastic Mr Fox, Catch 22, The Third Life of  Grange Copeland, Wild Swans, Harry Potter 1,2,3,and the last one.
10. What’s your dream vacation? Somewhere old, Somewhere new, Somewhere borrowed and Somewhere blue 😉
11. In a sentence, sum up why you blog.  I love to write.

My nominations:

I have decided to nominate:


My questions:

1) Why do you blog?

2)Which political personality has most inspired you?

3) Snowy mountains or golden beaches?

4) Red lipstick or high heels?

5)If you could choose any superpower which one would it be?

6)Money, Power or Respect?

7) What makes you special?

8) If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose?

9) If you could go back in time what would be the one thing you would change?

10) What is your favourite saying?

11) If your best friend were to use 3 words to describe you, what would they be?


Good Luck BH xx

As I open a bag of treats that my mother has brought over, I can’t help but smile… Amongst gardening books and baby grows, a goddess gazes up at me.

Has the sun set on the domestic goddess?

Has the sun set on the domestic goddess?

The Original Housewife…  Recent problems aside, this women has shaped how many British women view their role in society….

Domestic Goddess: noun, informal

A woman with exceptional domestic skills, especially one who excels at cookery and preparing meals.

…I am not one of them, yet I admire any person who is highly skilled, motivated and passionate about what they do.

And the self titled Domestic Goddess, Nigella, is not alone in her passion for domestic supremacy.  We are in a time when classic DG skills like baking, knitting, gardening, sewing, and cooking are all making a revival – Dare I say it they are “#trendy”. Just look at BBC programming for examples.

It seems that everybody wants a slice (or at least an amuse bouche) of that old Domestic Goddess life.

Pushing nostalgia and 1950s fashion lusts aside, that life was due to necessity and not as glamorous as many companies, the BBC or Mad Men would have us believe.  Fortunately, as society changed, gender roles became more undefined and technology adapted to suit, freeing DGs to step through the Stepford gates onto the world stage.  As society and technology progressed so did the Domestic Goddess.  Her skill set diversified; baking alongside banking, motherhood alongside management, all to achieve the relentless goal of finding a balance between her responsibilities, aspirations, commitments and dreams.

In this blog I salute  a couple of the domestic Goddesses that have inspired me.

1) My Mother  This I’m sure is no surprise.  Studies show that it is the mothers achievements that play the most significant role in determining the aspirations of offspring.  From as early as I can remember my mother has worked, and I mean worked hard, yet still found time and energy to be spontaneous and caring.  She has shown me how to be determined and focused yet still find the work/life balance.

2) Boudicca Boudicca was queen of the Iceni people of Eastern England and led a major uprising against occupying Roman forces, and I had an absolute fixation with her when I was 6.  I think she was officially my first girl crush.  Obsessed, I pleaded with my mum to call me Boadicea, slightly different from the name change requests I receive from my students now… Although before I get all “the youth of today” my love of Boudicca originally spawned from a children’s television programme called Bill the Minder, in which the main character’s little sister was called Boadicea.

3) Josephine Baker To a fifteen year old girl, the autobiography of Josephine Baker read like a film script; a poor girl finds fame and becomes America’s first African American millionaire, moves to France, joins the resistance, becomes a spy, then in later life aims to overcome racism by becoming mother to her Rainbow Tribe of adopted children from around the world… Maybe Ms Jolie is also a fan.

4) Minna Salami In a small, sweaty dance studio in 2008, I met Minna shaking her thang to the Brazilian beat.  I couldn’t believe this beautiful, intelligent women was so humble… And brave.. Quitting her successful profession as a graphic designer, she declared her passion to become a writer and within a year Ms Afropolitan was born.

5) Benazir Bhutto Hearing my mothers childhood reminisces of how it was normal for her mother to pace “respectfully” behind her Pakistani husband along the cold East London streets, I knew that a women becoming the prime minister of Pakistani was an incredible feat.

6) Margaret Thatcher (Ok so I would not call her a goddess but…) A while ago I was asked whether I thought Barack Obama would really make a difference to the lives of young black boys, which lead me to the rather uncomfortable conclusion that the milk snatcher had inadvertently empowered and inspired a young mixed race girl from Peckham. Now I’m sure this was never her aim.  But she knocked down barriers for me that I never even knew existed. Growing up I never thought it was particularly impressive to have a lady as prime minister, in fact it was my norm.  If I wanted to become prime minister when I grew up, no big deal.  What I have learnt from this is that you never know who you inspire just by doing your job, also never assume that you have nothing to gain from somebody you despise.

With a couple more to add, the question I pose to you is..

Who has inspired you?

BH xx



Zero to Hero


Who’s that girl?Image

I started my blog this year, as I have always dreamt about writing, or as people who know me may eloquently put it “She always has a lot to say..”  In my early twenties I was the website editor for a major record company and so got to experience the joy of writing, interviewing and reviewing.  Although a fun experience, the reality was that the publication’s ultimate goal was to promote and market the corporation’s artists and interests, so in many ways my writing lost its voice whilst my marketing skills flourished.  

Fast forward ten something years and we are in the age of hashtags, tweets and selfies, EVERYONE has a voice (and maybe we are now all products of self promotion?).  To me, the beauty of blogging is the freedom to express your view and opinions and share and find out opinions, experiences and perspectives of others.   I love it… Just this morning, I had tea in Turkey and looked at foliage in Devon.  I guess, welcome to the age of voyeurism…  Feel free to take a peek into the delights and tribulations of a thirty something living in Brixton, London xx