Self Love

Two thousand or so years ago, youths ran through the streets of Rome clothed as goats and wielding strips of goatskin to celebrate the Lupercalia Fertility Festival – today recognised as Valentine’s Day – the day we celebrate all things love. Rather than offering the traditional Luperci or Capitalist sacrifice, I thought a much more goat and pocket friendly way to mark this Dia do Amor was to write a post about self love.

For a while, Instagram lead me to believe that self care was little more than investing in bath salts, candles, crystals and the occasional sound bath. That was self care sorted until one day a friend spoke of inner child work. It was then that I really began to realise that true (self) love takes time, effort and feeling uncomfortable at times .  

Woman receives doll for Christmas present from her friends after always wanting one as a child but never receiving one. xx It’s never too late to listen to your inner child xx

Through inner child exploration, I was able to address needs that hadn’t been met as a child and peel back the feelings of insecurities and everyday coping mechanisms used since childhood. A concept so beautifully illustrated in the latest Pixar Short – Twenty Something. Ultimately, I was learning to truly love and listen to my whole self with the same compassion, understanding and kindness that I gave others.

Disney’s Twenty Something

So on this day full of love and compassion for others – remember to keep that same energy for yourself too xxx 

To all the people showing self love through inner child work

To all the people showing love by healing themselves to be better parents

To all the people showing love by mending relationships with friends, family members or neighbours

To all the people showing love by having empathy for others who are struggling with unknown battles

To all the people showing love to their partners on this day

To all the people showing up and showing love

Happy Valentines Day x


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12 responses to “Bedroom”

  1. Nice love the black not white theme

  2. LOL black and white theme-typo!

  3. LOL! Thanks we tried to keep everything as simple as possible.

    BH xx

  4. Such a gorgeous room!
    Sass x

  5. Your kitty absolutely completes the picture 🙂

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