The current module on my course talks of the importance of NVC – Non- Violent Communication when holding conversations with people of differing views.

There are four stages to NVC communication:

1) Making observations

2) Describing feelings

3) Identifying needs

4) Making requests

So for example, instead of projecting what you are feeling onto what is happening, you would give a detached observation. You would then describe how you are feeling taking ownership of the emotions and then identify what you need to feel better in that situation. Finally, showing vulnerability by stating what you want the other party to do to achieve that.

Up until Friday, I’d been an A* student – putting into practice what I’d learnt UNTIL... I started viewing all the moronic responses to a tin of soup being thrown on a painting protected behind plastic.

At first, I really tried to apply the NVC principals –

  1. I see that you are clutching your pearls over an overpriced painting that you could never afford whilst you remain unfazed that humanity is facing an extinction level event.
  2. Seeing your level of stupidity hurts my soul and I can no longer sleep at night for the wailing and lamenting of my ancestors.
  3. I need a planet to live on.
  4. Please can you wake up and stop denying climate change or take a seat – you stupid prick.

I think I may have failed this module.

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