Truss Us

She is appalling.

And Kwasi. Oh Kwasi.

He is appalling too.

But have you noticed the relative ease the media has had at pointing this out?

Where was this energy with Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson?

The man who broke his own law and partied as people died. Literally. 330k deaths from austerity, 208k Covid. He gave billions (again literally) in Covid contracts to mates and donors and wiped 100 billion off GDP via Brexit. He prorogued parliament and chose holidays over Cobra meetings.

But I suppose the press being keen to turn a blind eye to a wealthy white dude but eager to call out and document the fails and flaws of a woman and a black man isn’t really a newsflash is it? I imagine they are both just counting their (financial) blessings that they’re not poor – either their own anti-poor policies would kill them – or they’d truly slaughtered by the press.

Anyway – #tories out #basura #AllAsRottenAsEachOther #EatTheRichTheyAreJuicer

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