Roe and Heard

Versus Patriarchy – a Poem

Why do wealthy men,

love to wear women’s ovaries,

like jewellery,

in a crown

of control and power?

Why do powerful men loathe

body autonomy

for anyone who

isn’t same sex or creed

and sign deeds

aimed to enslave

and make us cower?

Could it be

that their insecurities

gorged on greed


that their control

is in its final hours!

And that soon,

UNITED we shall be


(to defeat capitalist misogyny)

when their testicles

will be castrated and devoured!

People who were shocked at brutal attack on Women’s rights via the reversal of the Roe vs Wade rulings did not pay close enough attention to the PR campaign surrounding the Deep vs Heard case. They did not read the dozens of articles calling for common sense and warning of the catastrophic impact a verdict in Depp’s favour could have on women’s safety.

Now even as every new day brings laws and legislation to silence dissent and protest, we must continue to use our voices to resist, reimagine and restore our society because all of our rights are under attack!

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