Green Day

I’ve always wanted to vote Greens but have been have been deterred by the guilt of splitting the vote and actually aiding the other team. The recent success of the Green party during the recent local elections is a beacon of hope for the future.

In recent years, the Greens have extended the geographical spread of their representation, and most recently won 156 seats from both Labour and the Conservatives. Looking at their policies there recent success isn’t surprising as they are the only party who seem to truly understand that climate Change is very real.

“Greens are putting forward the practical solutions to the cost of living crisis and the climate emergency that will make a difference to people’s lives, from insulating homes to bringing down energy bills and creating jobs, to providing additional financial support for those on the lowest incomes.”

With this being the Green Party stand has Labour now lost it’s claim as the alternative to Conservative rule? Are the days of the Labour Party numbered?

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