I bought the @xrebellionuk Handbook several years ago but have been too terrified to read it and so embarrassingly, it has just sat on my shelf gathering dust.. But this one below has been impossible for me to put down!

Yes, the first couple of essays talk in very plain language of the extent of the extinction level event we face, (No spoiler – capitalism/imperialism is killing us) but the focus of the book is to share examples of how communities are adapting to climate change and using these challenges to rethink and remodel their communities and social structures.

In such crazy times full of apathy, confusion and disillusion, this book is a much needed reminder that we can make positive changes to our world by starting locally! Find out which #mutualaid #communitygardens #cooperatives #safespaces are already happening in your area and get involved!

Increased food and fuel prices are just the start of the challenges we face and community will be the way through it xx

#ReadThisBook #ThenGiveItToEveryoneYouKnow

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