hope +glory

Let us not forget that this vote of no confidence was brought about

NOT because their Right Honourable leader –

broke the law – the laws that he himself imposed across the land.

NOR for lying about breaking the law or lying to the Queen.

NOT for the 4am parties with vomit and red wine stains on the carpets whilst the kingdom was in locked down

NOR for the billions of pounds of tax payers money siphoned off through corruption and cronyism during the pandemic.

NOT for the seventh highest Covid death rate in the world

NOR freezing nurses wages and privatising the NHS, failing GRENFEL and public services in the pandemics wake.


OR failing Ukraine Refugees, Windrush Generations, WASPIs or Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe,

OR the misery of Universal Credit and disability reforms, second bedroom taxes, National Insurance hikes or sky rocketing inflation.

NOT due to the total disregard for the welfare of the great British public or democracy.

OR EVEN his classism, racism, homophobia, islamophobia, sexism, bigotry, elitism or adultery.

BUT BECAUSE the weekend heckles from the well heeled was an alarm bell to many Conservatives that an election defeat is on the horizon!

AND EVEN with that pyrrhic knowledge and egocentric motivations they still failed to oust their leader as he is the MOST SELF SERVING of them all and will stop at nothing to remain in power!

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