Short Rant.

It’s not his slimy little face sneering with pride as he dons his immaculately ironed Nazi cosplay outfit, nor that he is the Conservative Association Chair in one of London’s most densely Jewish populated boroughs, what I find most terrifying about this photograph is his response:

“He could not rule out” wearing a Nazi uniform.

The nonchalance.  The lack of accountability even in the literal face of undisputable evidence.  

In their desperate bids to hold onto power and deflect blame for all the corruption, lying, scandals, thievery and violence towards working classes, BAME, Religious groups and LGBT peoples, that their greed and bigotry begets them, the Conservative Party have normalised the language of half truths, misdirection and evasion.

What Shakespeare did for the English language, the conservatives have for the art of lying. But a lie by any other name still smells like bull shit.

In 1984 Orwell talks of a time when “double speak” runs rife, words having the opposite meanings. I think that the Conservative party mistook the classic for a party manifesto.

TBH xx

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