Switched Off

An eighties baby, I was raised when collective actions and protests were the norm. I remember my mother taking me on the Poll Tax marches and seeing everyday folk smashing shit up. People were not embarrassed to show their anger and their absolute resolution against the Poll Tax going ahead.

Thatcher’s Neo-Liberal doctrine was incredibly successful at redirecting and eroding that very British quality of rebelling against the Government collectively and powerfully.

Creating division by demonising the working classes and using nationalism to scapegoat marginalised groups led to a social individualism which negated Government from any responsibility for working in the best interest of the people.

It is why Energy companies, still fresh from Hire and Fire atrocities, can increase energy prices extortionately while raking in £14.2 billion in profits. (x10 more than the previous year.) Its why the highest Government ministers can take six figure payments from oil companies and vote for policies that only add to fuel to the raging climate change crisis. 

It will be really interesting to see if this simple collective action will be the spark that reminds Brits of their “fighting spirit”. That indomitable determination rehashed often about the Blitz and enduring suffering- but little to remind society of our ability to rebel and resist. Xx

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