Words are Cheap

Or so they say, but I often write poems as gifts. The poem below was written for one of my most cherished friends who is an incredible mixed media artist. I was inspired by her heart nourishing series Sisters Need Sleep. A beautiful collection of pieces that remind woman to take rest and replenishment when needed – something that I think we often need reminding!

Referencing Yoruba Orishas, a religious pantheon that dates back before 350 BCE, the poem speaks of Yemaya (Auset), the Goddess of the Rivers and Oceans. Yemaya is often perceived to be the root (or source) of many ancient goddesses including: Demeter, Venus, Ishtar, Inanna and Isis which protect and empower women. Imagine my joy whilst writing this poem to learn that the most famous river in England and my city, The River Thames in London, is also known in places as The River Isis. During Roman Times there was even a temple dedicated to Isis, literally walking distance from where I type this now and I can’t help feeling there something poetic about that xx

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