Anti-Racist School Setting Action Plan

I have been very quiet recently, partly due to co-authoring this.

This document is a collaboration by teachers, parent activists and community workers to provide a strategy and resources to support schools with their transition to an Anti-Racist school setting.
“Education is the strongest weapon we have to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela
Please share widely and meet with school leaders! Let’s be change we wish to see! X
Accessible version available on request by emailing: supperclubsisterhood@gmail.com
For updated versions or further information please contact:

3 responses to “TAREN”

  1. That was certainly a project to keep you busy for a while. There are more similarities between UK and US than i had realized.
    Most striking to me was BAME students entering ahead and by age 15 being behind.

  2. What a fantastic document.
    I often laugh when the news refers to Africa and not a specific country. How different is Libya from Kenya? Reporters should be a little more informed before telling us what is going on somewhere.
    My wife is a teacher in the greater Boston area in the US. The school is majority minority but 80-90% of the teachers are white and probably 60-70% female.
    The students notice and my wife has discussions with them sometimes. In one class she asked how many of them were interested in becoming teachers and only one or two hands went up. Not sure what ethnicity they were. My wife said to them, “you see, there is the problem.”
    My wife is on her second career and we are a dual income family. So she can afford to teach.
    I’m not sure why white people can afford to go into teaching, but clearly people of color are finding better opportunities elsewhere.
    If I have a degree in mathematics am I going to teach for US$35K or am I going to get a job in finance or high tech for US$75K or much higher? Black or white it comes down to economics.
    All of the teachers at my wife’s school are not older and career changers. Some are right out of college. Somehow white people are able to pay for college on a public school teacher’s salary and have a middle class lifestyle.
    Unless we find a way to entice people of all ethnicities to become teachers we will have these problems.
    I think having teachers of all ethnicities in the classroom will reduce racism and stereotypes because they will be able to call out the BS people pass on as truth. They will also call out their fellow teachers when they voice stereotypes and racist ideas in the classroom or the teacher’s room.

    I’m so happy to see this world wide movement. I’m saddened as to why it is going on. To me it feels like the 60’s. A lot of change came out of that era and I am hopeful that even greater change will come out of this era. If this movement does not effect change, we may have a revolution on our hands.

    The old men in my government have their heels dug in. They don’t seem to understand that if they do not give even just a little bit, massive change will come when they are gone. In 10 years when these old fools are in a retirement home the current freshman congresspeople will be passing laws way beyond what they are asking for now. They will have the power to do it. And they will be way beyond tired of waiting for change.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your/ your wife’s experience of the US system! It really is empowering to hear how other educators are making a difference!

      You are so right often it comes down to economics and wages but also school budgets!!!

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