2020 Vision


Preface into the post below

When I first filed for divorce I sent a group message to all my friends so it was out there. No elephants in the Whats Up groups so to speak.

Many of my friends outside my close circle were shocked.

“We thought you had the perfect life!?!”

I was equally shocked by their view of my life. Since that revelation I have tried to be as open about life’s ups and downs as possible with hopes that anyone in a similar situation sees their journey reflected in mine and knows that they are not alone. Xxx

2020 Vision

This decade I have got married and got divorced.

Been pregnant three times given birth once.

Bought two houses but for almost two years was effectively homeless.

Excitedly danced in front of a televised audience of 26.3 Million and been petrified of performing poetry to a group of 50.

Almost died trapped in a house fire in Lagos and swum naked in the Ionian Sea.

Abandoned my passions, embraced them again and found new channels of expression.

Traveled unapologetically.

Moved to Nigeria, came back early-unapologetically.

Almost died three times. Lived my “best life” many more.

Freed myself from friendships and relationships no longer for me and founded the Sisterhood Supperclub.

It has been a decade of many firsts and hopefully many lasts.

I started the decade thinking I had found love and end it rekindling my selflove and finding heart bursting joy and unconditional love in the smile of my beloved (not a)baby(anymore) boy.


🎉Happy New Year everyone!! 🎉

5 thoughts on “2020 Vision

  1. ❤️the preface ❤️ open honest talk inspires and gives everyone space to be true to themselves and others about the ups and downs! Looking forward to more of these in 2020. Xxx

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