Votes Count

Don’t lose your vote

Last Sunday I was prevented from voting during a local Parliamentary Candidate vote. After queuing for almost an hour with my son, I was informed I would not be able to leave the hall until the vote had concluded four hours later. 4 hours with a 5 year old and no childcare facilities or activities.

I had to leave.

I lost my vote. 

I wasn’t alone.

Many other parents and carers had to leave because they couldn’t commit to staying the full four hours with dependants to care for.


But rather than just complain, we took action so that parents would not be excluded at the following vote. At the following canidate elections we (parents unable to vote previously) organised a drop in creche so that parents could stay and vote this time around.


We must make getting involved in politics more family friendly. Our vote is too important to lose.

The outcome of this general election puts the NHS, education and fire services.. ALL public services at risk.

It is estimated that there have been 130,000 “preventable” deaths as a direct result of austerity cuts.  We can not survive another Conservative (or Liberal Democrat coalition) Government.

Screenshot_20191106_220551Our planet cannot survive another Government that only serves corporations profits and personal interests.


Don’t just suffer or complain about how awful this Government is.  Register to vote. Support friends, family and vulnerable people in your community with voting-make sure your voices are heard.

This is the time to come together and bring change for the many not the few.

TBH xx



4 responses to “Votes Count”

  1. I can’t believe you have to stay in the hall for hours after you vote.
    In the US you may wait in line, but after you put your ballot into the machine, off you go.
    Are they afraid you will go out side, then return and vote again?

    1. Lol! Because it was the internal votes for a Canidate, we had to listen to all of the speeches and questions before placing our vote… Which is fine when childcare and other accessibility issues are taken into account but when they arent…

      1. Ok. Sounds like our “caucous” I went once. Just like your situation you go to a hall, people make their pitch and the assembled crowd elects delegates to the state convention. We only do this for presidential elections.

      2. Yes exactly like a caucous! Can you imagine trying to sit through with a five year old 😭😭🤣😭

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