The paper cut that would cost thousands..

The paper cut that would cost thousands..

So last week I was reframing some artwork when I cut my thumb. The cut wasn’t that much bigger than a paper cut so besides washing away the blood, I basically ignored it, didn’t put a plaster on then started on the gardening…

By Saturday morning it had started to swell and become painful so I went to the local pharmacy for advice and was told to use Savlon and a plaster… So I continued about my business getting ready for a family trip to the coast on the Monday..

By Monday though, my thumb had swelled in size and throbing with pain so I decided to pop into the train station pharmacy before we jumped on our train to the seaside.

The pharmacist took one look and said I needed medical attention immediately.  Still not thinking it was that serious, I went to the local A&E only to be referred immediately to the plastics team hand specialists at St Thomas’ Hospital Line I  who admitted me straight way and booked surgery for the next morning.  The cut (No bigger than a paper cut!) had become infected and the infection had visible tracked along my vein up my arm and my tendons were at risk… The surgery went fine and I was discharged a couple of days later.

All the doctors and nurses kept saying I had just been unlucky for the cut to get infected… but actually I feel incredibly  lucky that this happened whilst we still have the NHS in the UK.  During my three day stay in hospital I probably racked up a bill of thousands… such a teeny tiny scratch resulted in xrays, A&E, anesthetists, surgeons, nurses, plaster, medication and hospital stay etc… It all mounts up and who could afford to pay that bill?  Maybe Boris Johnson and his millionaire cronies- but not me xx So once again I just want to say thank you to the NHS (and the caring dedicated staff) and I hope that we protect it as much as it serves and protects us! #protecttheNHS

Again thanks for the love and support from my fam and my special visitor 😊and yes I will always put a plaster on no matter how small the cut from now on  😂

TBH xx

7 responses to “The paper cut that would cost thousands..”

    • I know I am so thankful! This is the second emergency surgery I’ve had in two years and I’m still having physio for the first accident- would have been impossible to pay xx protect the NHS xx

  1. Wow! You are lucky you caught it when you did! Here in the US, something so simple can cost a fortune. I envy countries who provide healthcare for their people.

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