I’m just not buying it

I’ve decided I would like to rellocate to wherever the people defending H&M are from.
I’ve read comment after comment across social media by people stating they do not understand why people are getting so offended.

What a blissful existence they must have, to have never been exposed to the racist use of the word monkey.

I’d love my son to grow up in a place where black sports stars don’t have bananas thrown at them by the crowd or placed in their lockers by team mates.  Or basketball stars are compared to King Kong on the cover of fashion magazines.

A place where no one asks “Where’s your tail?” Or lets “f*&ing Monkey! ” slip during a heated exchange.  Or a child of colour is surrounded by peers in the play ground making monkey noises.

A utopia where history was not rewritten to depict native Africans as infantile savages needing supervision by European invaders.

So please H&M defenders, reach out and let me know where you all live.. I’m sure you’d welcome me as your new neighbour- wouldn’t you?

X https://youtu.be/epEQhxslprE

19 responses to “I’m just not buying it”

  1. Hi neighbor! 😉 Glad I’m not the only one~ very well said!

    1. Hi 😁 thank you! It was a bit of a rushed post as I had to get it off my chest lol

      1. I completely understand and am happy you spoke up! You’re welcome in my neighborhood any day! xx

      2. 😙😙😙 #cupofsugar

  2. Appalling, isn’t it? I’d just signed a petition to the company, then came to your post. Petition asks for an apology, firing the employee responsible, and hiring black executives to prevent further incidents. Already had 30,000 plus signatures.

    1. Please forward that link!! The hiring of black executives is exactly what’s needed… until we are all represented situations like this will continue to happen

      1. Here’s the link: https://camp aigns.organizefor.org/petitions/boycott-h-m?akid=8865.1565837.UOlf1j&bucket=COC&rd=1&source=8496&t=4

      2. Thank you for the link! I can’t access i5 at the moment but I’ll try again on my laptop

  3. Reread and totally in agreement that diversity is needed in executive management. The lack of cultural competency—retail, hospitality, medical providers, etc—is disheartening.

  4. I thought the implications of the hoodie were obvious, too. The mom of the model asked everyone to lay off, but we do have to think about the larger problem that it would normalize a derogatory term. The kid looked awesome in the hoodie, and I hope he gets to work again.

    1. Yes exactly, agree it was clear that the hoodie could be seen offensively. With the mother, I think that we shouldn’t be dragging on her. Regardless of what she said, I think her silence was probably more to do with feeling a lack of power in the situation. I have been in a room where there have been things that are offensive, but as the person to which the offence would offend, I felt I couldn’t speak up for fear as being told I was being ridiculous or the angry black women. It was actually someone else in that instance that stood up and said it was wrong.

      I hear the boy is going to have a modelling contract with P diddy? If so he’s going to be just fine 🙂

      1. I don’t know why people always blame the mother when a child is involved. Life is far more complicated than that. I hope you’re right that the kid will be okay.

  5. Hear hear sorry… Lol. Petition signed.

  6. I hate racism, not the racist as this is just them believing their unquestioned thoughts. I’ve only ever encountered truly scary violent racism towards me once, where myself and another woman friend run for our lives and believe me I will never forget it. Not sure where I am going with this, but that’s where I’m currently at.

    1. Yes it’s systematic racism which is the problem that effects us all in society but is always dismissed for the in your face individuals spout8ng racist crap… that said I can only imagine what you went experienced running for your life x prayers and gratitude that you managed to escape

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