My grand tour… Walthamstow 

When my doctor told me that I needed to reduce my stress levels, a day trip to Walthamstow probably wasn’t exactly the remedy she had in mind.  But after being lured to the urban suburb with the promise of a mani and invite to the Spa Experience bloggers event- that’s exactly where I headed..

And it turned out to be the perfect tonic!

Hopping off at the “other end” of the Victoria line, the Waltham Forest Centre was a five minute bus ride from Walthamstow Central.  Initially deceived by the centre’s outward facade, once I walked through the Spa centre’s double doors I was transported  into what I think could possibly be the largest (and most peaceful) spa relaxation area in London 🙂
After mingling with other bloggers (this is of course is code for swapping IG deets and discretely swiping the last pain au chocolate from the hospitality table) I robed up and headed straight for the sauna and steam rooms.

With squeaky clean pores, I then opted for a Vinylux manicure (as I loath the removal process with gels) and an Elemis Superfood facial.  Sam, my beautician, was friendly, bubbly and a perfectionist! My nails haven’t looked this ladylike since the bubba started walking and I definitely had that post facial glow..

And what a difference it made to my whole day!

Feeling refreshed and ready to face the world again, I decided to delay my journey home and explore E17 with an impromptu visit to the William Morris Gallery. Which turned out to be the perfect place to show off my new lady nails (it was only fair I pointed to each display and slowly nodded my head in a thoughtful manner) and it was also a perfect opportunity for a spot of quirky Christmas shopping.
And since I was in the area and feeling footloose and fancy free…

I popped into Gods Own Junk Yard– Yup from from 19th century arts and crafts movement to a Neon necropolis in about 10 mins.
So the moral of this post?
1. If you want energy to do more learn how to take some time out to do less…
2. Never judge a postcode by a 90s boyband.

8 responses to “My grand tour… Walthamstow ”

  1. Thank you, totally enjoyed this song, 8’00am here in Geelong, and soothing music for my slight hangover. And thank you for reading some of my poems.

  2. I used to live near Walthamstow
    E17, amazing diversity there.

    1. Yes it’s changing like the rest of my London but there’s definitely a renaissance artsy feel at the moment

      1. Cool, it was not always that way lol

      2. I know.. . My grandmother relocated there after living in Islington for about 30 years.. it was a very different 😉

      3. Islington is well posh now.

      4. Yes… as is Brixton and Peckham… my first ever post was called things round here are changing… all about it I can’t believe it’s only three years old but has is already so dated… the speed of the change and erasure of the very recent past to a fairy tale/marketing angle is sickening imo

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