What have you learnt from your biggest mistake?

I may not have had a lot of time (or mind space) to write in recent months but I’ve definitely had to do a lot of soul searching and reflecting, so when I saw this …

…. a blog post wrote itself (and then I had to rewrite it a million times 😉

Sometimes we choose the wrong path because we allow our deepest fears to guide us. When it all goes wrong we call it a mistake.

Some personal events this year have been horrendous…but sadly not unexpected. The cast may have switched roles, but the plot and lead remains the same.

The foreseeability of it all made me question myself. When an outcome is so predictable is it a mistake or a choice?

Sometimes we choose the wrong path because our ego whispers in our ear. When it all goes wrong we call it a mistake…but really we made a choice.

And the lesson?

That I can choose my own path and that decisions based on fear or ego will never lead to happiness

What is the best lesson your mistakes have taught you?

BH xx

10 responses to “What have you learnt from your biggest mistake?”

  1. Love this post! I think my mistakes taught me my actions have consequences. Sounds really simple but it took me a long time to really and truly know what that meant xxx

    1. So true, there’s always that tipping point isn’t there when you realise you can’t go back!

      1. As a ‘grown up’ I think a hell of a lot more before I act! Wish I would of figured it all out in my early 20s 😂 xxx

  2. “That I can choose my own path and that decisions based on fear or ego will never lead to happiness”.

    Here’s my take on your lesson learned;

    You can’t always choose your own path as nature, life or our loved ones may stop you from going astray or on some particular path of your choice.

    There are decisions you have to make out of fear of life and sometimes to save others from the inner devil of your own.

    Healthy ego is a must. However, if your decision was based on your negative ego, obviously you’d be broken in so many pieces that not even a piece of your own will recognize that it belonged to you once upon a time.

    About my own lessons learned, I think you just gave me something to post on my own blog 🙂

    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful response! Yes refelecting on my reflections is definitely I must if I am truly to learn from my mistakes! So thank you… I am also glad that you now have another blog post inspired by my mistakes lol

  3. That people are like sinking scorpions in a river. Whenever your (loving) hand will try to save them, they will bite you.

    1. Ohhhhh how much do I love that simile!!!! No wonder I enjoyed reading your page!

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