Caribbean Food Week 2016

So the Olympics are almost over (as is the Summer if today’s weather is anything to go by…)  but there are still plenty of reasons to smile this August in London.  Not only is it the Notting Hill Carnival next weekend – but on Friday 26th – Saturday 27th August, Grace Foods UK is holding its first ever Caribbean Food Week Food Festival at Windrush Square right here in Brixton!

Expect demonstrations, performances, and most importantly lots and lots of samples of delicious Caribbean cuisine.  Yup, taste dumplins, roti, jerk chicken et al til your heart’s content and then dance off all the calories during Europe’s biggest street party the next day.

What more could you ask for this Bank Holiday Weekend..

Okay besides good weather 😉

For more information visit:

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6 responses to “Caribbean Food Week 2016”

  1. What does Caribbean food consist of?
    I don’t think I’ve ever had it

    1. Whaaaaat?? You have to tried fried snapper! It’s delicious. The most famous dish is Jerk Chicken which is spicy bbq chicken with rice and peas( kidney beans). The great thing about Caribbean cuisine is that the food is always well seasoned and flavoured marinating being an important stage in food preparation. 😃. If you manage to sample any dishes let me know what you think 😃

      1. Oh snapper? I’ve had the Australian variety. I wasn’t aware it was native to the Caribbeans as well.

      2. Yes I love it, one of my favourite dishes 😀

      3. One of my favorite fishes to eat too!

  2. Wanted to go to the carnival this year and missed it through being ill that very weekend… argh! Maybe next year. 🙂

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