Scapegoat Britain

Utter disbelief.

The results of the London mayoral elections lulled me into a false sense of security.   A belief that the British could not be fooled by racial propaganda or scapegoating.

I was fooled by common consensus in social and wider circles and the general sense of bewilderment at the hypothetical nature of the Brexit “political” arguments…and well common sense.

“Only in America could Donald Trump be taken seriously”

Cue terribly British laugh, smug face and amused shake of the head.


Only now we are leaving the EU.

Nigel Farage has successfully convinced millions of ordinary people that it is best for Britain to leave the European Union.


We were all  in total shock in the staff room this morning; but this isn’t reflective of the situation across England.  I live and work in London and London like most other major cities is cosmopolitan. Immigrants (pronounced average human beings) of all skin colours and origins call London their home, living and working side by side us true Brits.

It is impossible to convince me that my “immigrant” colleagues are the reason that this government is dismantling the NHS, selling off our school system or destroying the Unions.  But to that slim majority that voted #brexit, that shadowy figure of the “immigrant”, who they have never met, is the perfect scape goat. A voiceless devil who is the reason for any misery and discomfort in their lives.  No need to look within (figuratively and literally), it’s much easier to blame the illusive immigrant.



Now we have left the EU, who will have to blame? Maybe, just maybe #teambrexit will begin to see the bigger picture and start to ask questions like: Who really is at fault for the state of our economy and public sector?

(Maybe this is why Cameron resigned?)


Once #teambrexit realise that the dream of returning to the Glory Days was a lie, (Or as Farage declared on morning television a simple printing error) they will have to accept that the true fault lies much closer to home.

Or perhaps

We will just find the next shadowy figure to blame..


Welcome one and all to Scapegoat Britain!

6 responses to “Scapegoat Britain”

  1. I wish the result was different, but I admit I’m not surprised or shocked. Oddly the ones fooled by the politics of greed, hate and fear are the same ones who will suffer the most. However when they realise it, it will be too late and Europe will no longer be there to help. We’ve jumped from the relative safety of the EU into an active volcano. What have we done? 😦

    1. This is it, the people who voted for it are the ones who are going to suffer the most!? It’s all so ridiculous!

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  3. The truth is like a big dose of cod liver oil: it doesn’t always taste good, but it is usually good for you. Man, people are emotional decision makers, aren’t they? The emotional appeal is so hard to resist. The two things that surprised me the most are the immediate remorse — buyer’s remorse — of the those voting leave and that the organizers of BREXIT didn’t realize the implications of the exit. Buyer’s remorse isn’t surprising, but the immediacy of it is. But, the Nigel fellow is already blaming a “printing error” and backpedaling on the whole thing.

    I think we’ve forgotten what democracy means — if we ever knew. A democracy means being an informed voter. You’ve got to know issues and predictions. Apparently there was a spike in Google searches for BREXIT in the UK AFTER (!!!) the vote. And, you’ve got to respect the minority and compromise. It is one of the strengths of the parliamentary system. But, the idea of making such a momentous decision based on a simple majority public vote seems mad to me. Luckily, from what I understand, it is not a binding resolution so the Parliament does not have to act on it.
    Hopefully, the British experience with this referendum will sober enough Americans up to inoculate us against Trump.

    1. Let’s hope our friends across the pond wake up in time! Sadly, I doubt it… I’ve been following the Telegraph and the Guardian and it’s like two completely different realities… I don’t think the Brexits will realise they’ve been absolutely lied to anytime soon.

  4. Hello mate great blogg post

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