Polite ways your friends tell you they think your baby is fat.

How many times have you had to politely smile, nod your head or feign interest when the village (well meaning friends and family members) comment on your baby’s weight?   As I take him to get weighed regularly I know that he is perfectly within his “percentile”, tracking along nicely, but this of course is irrelevant, amateur expert opinions dominate conversation.

Annoying as it is at times, I have to admit hearing the creative multitude of euphemisms and round about ways villagers use to broach the tubby bubby topic makes me chuckle. (Very discreetly of course, as I nod my head and look concerned).  So being it’s a long weekend and I clearly have a lot of spare time on my hands today, I decided to order them on a scale of intensity from Mild Adoration to Severe Concern and share them and hopefully a giggle with you.

Do you have any to add to the list?




10 responses to “Polite ways your friends tell you they think your baby is fat.”

  1. The nurse called my daughter’s legs “thunder thighs” at her 9 month appointment. Another one is all the comments that her legs are getting extra padding for when she learns to crawl.

    1. “Extra padding” That’s hilarious!

  2. Everyone asks me “what do you feed that kid?” Haha…Just breastmilk!

    1. Ha ha ha! Yes, it’s like they expect you to say cheese burgers and Oreos or something 😄

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  4. hahaha absolutely correct, i dont have babies but i have been in a situation where i heard one of those comments or made one myself lol

  5. And it’s the same at the other end of the spectrum. My son bounced along at the very bottom of the weight chart and I endures all those “well-meaning” people asking me if maybe I shouldn’t start him on solids, or “top him up” with formula. He’s 18 now; tall, slender and very healthy. I think back and realise I must have been much more resiliant than I’ve given myself credit for. It seemed at the time that everything I did was “wrong” in someone’s eyes. But mama knows best — though of course you know that 🙂

    1. I didn’t even consider the other way! People just love to be well meaning don’t they 😄😄

      1. With hindsight I can say “well-meaning”. At the time I was thinking something much less polite! 😃

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