Brixton Bids farewell to Bowie

Exit the tube station, politely avoid free newspapers and exhausted rat racers, navigate the Shibuyaesque traffic lights, then walk along the side of Morleys department store.

The mood changes. It’s a quieter. Quiet enough to hear Rebel playing. Dark enough for the candles to illuminate the graffiti messages adorning the Iman cosmetics posters on the department store windows. People are still…and smiling.

Locals and travellers from afar have congregated on the Bowie mural in Brixton to pay their respects.   YouTube is full of footage from the impromptu Bowie Party held shortly after Bowie’s death was announced on Monday.  The duality of the peaceful and party remembrance seems the perfect fit for both Brixton and Bowie.

As Brixton bids goodbye to the Duke, the universe reclaims back it’s star.




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