Amen for JC (Jeremy Corbyn)

It’s been almost a year since my last post and it’s not really a coincidence that my little, no longer a baby, baby has just turned one. But I cannot put the blame for my lethargic state solely on the babe.

Wading through the daily sludge of fad humanism (I think we are still on only welcoming a la mode refugees?) and the brutal everyday reminders of the social cleansing of London, I’ve been a devoted follower of the Church of Escapism.  Spending sacred down time scouring the property pages, I became an extremist addicted to all More 4 house porn programming. Escape to the country. Another country. Escape.

But something enticed me to change the channel.

The results of the labour leader election was a very welcome surprise. A break from the political monotony which has plagued our country since Blair proclaimed This Is New Labour.

Certainly to early to say it has restored my faith in our political system, it has at least offered me a glimmer of a hope for the future. A society who recognises and nurtures the human side of our nature.

#TeamCorbyn all the way



8 responses to “Amen for JC (Jeremy Corbyn)”

  1. Welcome back. I’ve been trying to follow the Labour election and I must say, it’s the first time I’ve felt a glimmer of hope in a while. I only wish the local Labour Party could follow suit. Cheers, Su.

    1. Yes I agree, especially after the ridiculous hooha about nuclear weapons.

  2. It is a really interesting choice for labour leader, I feel that it’s that the people of Britain are ready for a change. We can only be hopeful for better and more equal future.

  3. Reblogged this on worldnative and commented:
    Is this a sign of more equal future for Britain?

  4. I share your hope for a new different future with Corbyn

    I was once a member of the Labour Party but resigned when Tony Blair became leader

    I felt the Labour Party under Tony Blair and his followers no longer represented my views or my hopes

    rather than being a party concerned about equality and social justice for the people of the UK, the labour party seemed more concerned with gaining the approval of the rich, of business leaders, and of the media as a means of gaining power rather than representing the interests of the disadvantaged in our society

    the election of Corbyn as the new labour leader gives me hope that change is coming

    I would rather live in a Britain reflecting the views and values of Jeremy Corbyn than one shaped by Cameron, Osborne, and the likes of Blair and his acolytes !

    1. Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate hearing the opinions and experiences of others. often our social circles are reflective of our own ideals and so it is difficult to gage common opinion…with every response so far it really does feel that the tide is changing, and as a mother and a teacher I can only hope it does xx

  5. All the way from Oz I say Go Jeremy and Labour. We’ve just changed our PM (again – we don’t need elections) but at least we’ve changed to a slightly less loon conservative.

    1. Lol!!!

      I always feel so amazed when people comment on my posts from the Australia, quite literally the other side of world. It reminds me of how at core we all have the same hopes and goals… Of less bonkers politicians 😄

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