First steps

Today is my blog’s birthday, it is officially one month old.

One month ago today the Brixton Housewife was born, and I’ll admit it, I’ve been slightly obsessed with her ever since.

Initially, worried about her ability to make new friends in the playground, I was hesitant to click the “post” button and send her out into the world… But I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the clicks, kind words, followers, amazing comments and advice received and I now know she’s in good company and will be fine 🙂

So thank you to the blogging community, and congratulations to all of the other newbie blogs whose authors have dared to share their personal thoughts and ideas with the world.

Right, now let’s go and eat some birthday cake…#anyexcuse

BH xx

36 responses to “First steps”

  1. Welcome into #thebigwideworld #brixtonhousewife.

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    This blog has a #greatfuture I think. Good luck #brixtonhousewife!

  3. Happy Birthday Brixton Housewife Blog 🙂 May All Your Dreams Come True 🙂

    1. Awwl!! Thanks !! I hope your enjoying a slice of cake (or at least a tub of popcorn 😉 in honour of this prestigious occasion 😀 lol

      1. I toasted to your blog with White Grape Juice 🙂 May All Your Dreams Come True + Congratulations on Getting Married :))))

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    mmm cake time!

  5. Funny thing. Today I was thinking about how obsessed I am with the blog. Maybe it is addictive…

    1. Snap! I was reading a blog today (will add link) and they mentioned that they were addicted and I immediately thought “phew” it’s not just me then 🙂 Perhaps we should start a support group? En ingles e portugues 😉 xx

      1. Totally!! It’s a great idea! I’m in!! ;D

      2. Chamo me BH sou um blogaholic lol xx

  6. Happy one month Bday.

    The blog is growing. Like a child it’s taking its first step and growing just fine. You have been a good mother to this child.

    May you both grow gracefully as the days come 🙂

    1. I think with all your kind words and support, that makes you an uncle 😉 xx

      1. Awww…

        Now your statement really made my day.
        Or early morning.

        Thank you for such sweet and kinds words 😀

  7. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the WordSmithing Playground. I enjoy your posts, they are refreshing!

  8. Happy Birthday to The Brixton Housewife blog..

  9. Happy Birthday! And I am obsessed with my blog, too. All these assignments etc. I will have to speed up. I’m enjoying reading other people’s blogs as they are all so different! 😊

  10. Nice reading about you

    Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  11. Here’s my current obsession.. Lol and my persuit of hapiness…

  12. Happy anniversary. It most certainly is addictive. I think there’s hardly been a day when I’ve not been blogging since starting here 10 months ago. Doesn’t always go down well with the family though. 😉 x

  13. Mermaid Momma Avatar
    Mermaid Momma

    Happy one month birthday!! I’m loving what I’ve read thus far and looking forward to reading more. Enjoy your day 🙂

  14. Happy !!one month birthday!! Yes! You made it.

  15. happy one monthversary^^

  16. Happy blogiversary!

  17. Yay for you! Congratulations on the ONE MONTH!

  18. […] dia desses foi aniversário de um mês do blog da The Brixton Housewife. Ela escreveu sobre os primeiros passos dela como blogueira e disse que estava obcecada por blogar. […]

  19. Happy b-day! Your blog is very nice!

  20. Happy birthday to your blog.

  21. Hi,

    I just posted my first blog on Sunday and am, as you were, obsessed with it! I was checking out the Stats page and was amazed that I had had 28 views, then realised that about 25 were probably me! I’m already drafting the next post in my head, thanks again for your support, long may it continue.

    BrAsian Hussy

  22. That’s a great milestone. Congrats!

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