Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero

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I started my blog this year, as I have always dreamt about writing, or as people who know me may eloquently put it “She always has a lot to say..”  In my early twenties I was the website editor for a major record company and so got to experience the joy of writing, interviewing and reviewing.  Although a fun experience, the reality was that the publication’s ultimate goal was to promote and market the corporation’s artists and interests, so in many ways my writing lost its voice whilst my marketing skills flourished.  

Fast forward ten something years and we are in the age of hashtags, tweets and selfies, EVERYONE has a voice (and maybe we are now all products of self promotion?).  To me, the beauty of blogging is the freedom to express your view and opinions and share and find out opinions, experiences and perspectives of others.   I love it… Just this morning, I had tea in Turkey and looked at foliage in Devon.  I guess, welcome to the age of voyeurism…  Feel free to take a peek into the delights and tribulations of a thirty something living in Brixton, London xx

37 responses to “Zero to Hero”

  1. First, thanks for following my blog. Second, your blog is really exciting, inviting and inspiring. I can learn a lot from you and hopefully improve my space. Finally, as I am an expat in the UK and wandering around as it were, I am learning, experiencing and sharing as I go along. I may ask you at some point to post on my blog as a guest given your firsthand accounts may work well within the context of my blog. Just a thought nugget.

    Keep blogging.


    • Thank you for the lovely comments and posting on your blog (which is awesome BTW) sounds really exciting!! And if by any chance you happen to wander into Brixton, remember to give me a shout for all the insider local tips and recommendations 😉 BH x

  2. So you got experienced in writing, while i’am trying so hard and challenging my self to write in english. 😀
    Nice to know you… *hugs from Indonesia 🙂

  3. It’s amazing to me as well how much has changed within the span of 10 years specifically the rise of social media and how much it affects the lifestyles of so many people now. This is a really good post. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. 🙂

    • Lol!!!Yes it was your site I was reading actually reading… After travelling there last February I have an obsession with the cuisine.. I’m actually drafting a blog now all about my love of the Turkish Food Centre Shops in England LOL

      BH xx

  4. There’s something in the way that you wrote this post that attracts the reader.

    The words contain a certain charisma. And like fuel to a vehicle you empower a passing-by reader with a certain amount of enthusiasm.

    I think it’s the energy in your words. Well written.
    If blogging is your voice then your voice I have indeed heard.

    This feels like Pinocchio. Your words are not just puppets on a string. They are alive and speak out. =)

    • Isn’t that the most fantastic thing about blogging!! Exploring WP is like exploring the world. I’m fascinated, educated and entertained by so many different perspectives everyday 🙂

  5. What I like most about this self promotion era on the Internet is that finally I had the guts to start a blog with a personal touch and to write about whatever comes to mind, without having to adapt it to reach a specific audience. Maybe it’s because my twenties are gone now, but since I started to write without this focus, I have much more voice and a bigger audience than in my other blogging attemps.
    I really like your blog, by the way.

  6. Thanks for following my blog and I believe you have a great blog here! I usually don’t follow everyone but I am going to follow you right now as I enjoyed reading your blog! Bless

  7. I believe I am going to enjoy what the Brixton Housewife has to say. As a Hackney girl myself, I recall lots of goings on in the South. Blog on I say. And thank you for stopping by and liking Kick Fear Now.

  8. All the best with your blog. Really like the fact that your blog is so engaging. Love the layout and content… Noticed you were nominated Liebster award. Hope you win 🙂

  9. I’ve always been curious about living in London. My mom was from Britain (came over here to the U.S. when she was four), and I’ve always wanted to visit. I have cousins still there.

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