Aunty why is your baby a monkey?

Aunty, why is your baby a pet monkey?
Aunty, why is your baby a pet monkey?

Maybe the parental joy and pride of the first ultrasound is lost on a beautiful five year old little niece who loves Hello Kitty, Doc Mc Stuffin and believes Mc Donald’s is a farmer.

There again I have to admit that the idea of a mini human growing inside me right now is just as bizarre. Inside my body there are two heartbeats and two brains simultaneously working independently together.

Seriously nature is incredible…

I’m sure all first time M2bs enjoy this stage of wonderment, awe and general disbelief but for me it’s just hard to believe that it’s really happening.

Soon, the proof of this journey will be in my arms and maybe I’ll look back at this post and smile.

5 responses to “Aunty why is your baby a monkey?”

  1. It’s such an exciting time xx good luck!

  2. So true. I agree I felt this extreme wonderment and ecstasy in my mind and spirit 🙂 cannot wait to hold the little one in my arms and I am sure I will come back here and smile too. I spent the weekend reading yours; following you. Cheers

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