Diaries of a gardening novice

Diaries of a gardening novice


My father was an amazing gardener, from Callaloo to Corn he grew all types of local and tropical treats in our garden in the deepest darkest depths of Peckham, London.   So you could say that gardening is in my blood.. I wouldn’t, just like his cooking skills, it seems this talent may have skipped my generation.

But I do have the passion.

This is the continuing journey of how our back garden will become a secret escape..

BH xx

And so the journey begins.
And so the journey begins.


The vision is growing… I have seen the promised land, its just buried under all of this clay and brick. As I begin to dig, I ponder starting a Gardenise exercise class, surely everyone is over Zumba, and who doesn’t want toned arms? I make a personal note to email Gymbox the next day.

I have seen the promised land.
I have seen the promised land.


Ok…so gardening is not sexy. The previous thoughts of toned arms are long lost in the cold realities of British Winter time and dirty finger nails, but the progress is steady… Until it all turns a bit Stephen Kingish and everything comes to a sudden halt. As my mother is a history and archaeology fanatic, I have grown up with the delusion the Earth beneath our feet is just waiting to reveal its treasure. So what was history’s gift to me, well it seemed to have fur, a disregarded Victorian teddy bear perhaps? Alas no, on closer inspection I see a cat paw, as memories of Pet Cemetary flash before me I throw down my spade and seek sanctuary and sympathy in the arms of the Mr. This month’s personal note is to call the council’s special disposal unit. Gardening is definitely not sexy.

What lies beneath
What lies beneath

6 responses to “Diaries of a gardening novice”

  1. I’m here in Montana gardening for my Mother. 14 raised beds and another large garden area. Talk about work…LOL

  2. eeeekkk I cant begin to imagine….. xx Sending gardening positive vibes from London 🙂

  3. Oh wow … a whole blank canvas to fill! Wonderful! I see …. some flowering shrubs, Spring bulbs, a herb patch, flower beds full of riotous Summer colour with vegetables growing in among them … and, if one of your walls gets enough sun you could even grow a grape vine or two! Happy gardening … it’s hard work, but definitely rewarding 🙂

    1. Grape vine???? I like the sound of that!

      1. Thank you!! I shall save you a bottle of vintage 😉

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